Everything and nothing…


So I’ve been hung up on what to write about these past few days.

It’s spring break here and the kids are alternately amazing me with their stellar behavior and flat-out giving me a run for my money on sanity.

I busted my ass down the stairs two days ago and have what I am dubbing the ‘ass shiner’ as the bruise is perfectly the color and shape of being punched in the eye – just on the other end of things. (Dear God, I hope that’s not a ‘thing’ – if it’s some sort of ‘thing’ that I’m not aware of, someone save me here. I will *not* be googling, just in case.)

There have been riding lessons and some family movie time, some work and some play. We did go mountain biking with my dad and step-mom. That was fantastical. Sweet Pea knocked my socks off. it was her first time riding on a trail and she owned it. I’m a proud mama.

Wide single-track, but single-track nonetheless. I’m a proud mama!

So – other than the ass-shiner and trail riding – it’s been relatively mundane.

What’s one to write about when it’s like this?

  • Life is good.
  • Not-yet-ex is pleasant.
  • Kids are… kids.
  • House is slightly messy, but not terrible.
  • Mountain biking was fun.
  • Nutella muffins were hockey pucks.
  • Blueberry muffins were a hit.
  • Listening to the kids play and make up things is the joy of my life.
  • Tiny cans of Stella are the best thing since big cans of Stella.
  • Ass-busting sucks.
These FTW – Nutella muffins FTL

That’s when you realize that these are the moments. This is it. This is living. We’re doing the thing, with little-to-no-drama or insanity. That’s really pretty damn exciting! So there it is – it’s everything and it’s nothing – but I’ll take it any day over dramaland!

In which my daddy tries to help my boy with riding a bike. He just pushed me down a hill. Not sure why the technique has changed, but what the hey!

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