A blog… again?


Springtime – and we begin again.

I’ve been here before. More than once. I had a general journal-type blog. I had a knitting blog. I even tried to have a blog on fingernail polish (no lie! I have proof )

But that was all long before 2015 happened. It was seriously one hell of a year. To the point that a friend and I kept saying to one another “2015 and everything after.” The idea was just to get through it. And I did. We all did.

I’ve spent a good deal of the past year reading books, articles and posts on so many things – but there’s a theme – “How to get through divorce without turning your children into insecure, angry brats”, “How to survive the onslaught of blame and hatred from your spouse after you leave”, “What to do if you’re not sure leaving was the right decision”, “How to stop yelling at your children”…. you get the idea.

Somewhere in the past few months as this new year has begun, I have found that I’m writing as much as I’m reading – and it’s time to share.

So look forward to thoughts, opinions and etc on daily life, separation and divorce, child-rearing, work-from-home mommying, possibly cooking and crafting, as well as whatever other nonsense I can find to throw in the pot!

I’m more aware now than ever that we all have our journey, experience, advice and admonishments – these are just mine 🙂

Welcome to the rollercoaster!


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